Wed, 9 November 2022


Hôtel Napoléon, Paris


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Ali MADANI, CEO Avicenne

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WHAT'S THE EVENT ABOUT? / What goes on there? Come and learn

Ali Madani’s tutorials have featured among the presentations most highly rated by participants. Come and benefit from Avicenne’s latest market research based on 30 years’ experience and extensive business connections with all parties, Orthopedic companies, Contract Manufacturing Organizations, Surgeons, PE funds, etc.. Ali has worked in 30 years on more than 350 orthopedic cases, due diligence, development strategy, acquisition target research, market & technology monitoring, etc… to increase revenues and profitability of his clients or to sustain strategic changes.

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In this presentation you will hear about:
Orthopaedic Market perspectives and main issues
Orthopaedic Contract Manufacturing Markets.

Ali Madani, CEO Avicenne

International audience for Implants Tutorials

Hôtel Napoléon, Paris Etoile

Friedland conference room at Hôtel Napoléon

5-part tutorials:

  • Part 1: Worldwide orthopedic market trends & dynamics
  • Part 2: Innovation & new technologies for implants, instruments & surgical techniques
  • Part 3: Orthopedic Contract Manufacturing market, player strategies & dynamics
  • Part 4: Orthopedic Contract Manufacturing heavy trends
  • Part 5: Impact inflation and of Covid-19 on the orthopedic market & Contract Manufacturing business

An event created and chaired by Avicenne Medical.

Exhibiting at: SOFCOT 2022 Meeting, booth #N29

Audience / Who should attend this tutorials?

Orthopaedic companies, Contract Manufacturing Organizations, R&D laboratories, researchers and anyone interested in innovation and new products:

C-Suite / VPs, Directors and Managers / Private Equities, Consultants & Medias.

List of past participants
Audience at Treasure Island Las Vegas, 13 March 2019

Event Schedule / Dont miss it!

  • The event will start at 6:30 pm at Hôtel Napoléon, Paris Etoile for a 90-min tutorial session with a Q&A session at the end.
  • From 8:00 pm, a cocktail reception will be served (free entry for registered attendees only).
  • End scheduled for 9:00 pm.

Register now! Number of available seats limited to 120.

Ali Madani's tutorials at Las Vegas

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300 meters from Place Etoile



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